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Stillhouse Hollow Falls

There sits a once built house Just below Stillhouse Hollow Falls As the water falls some seventy-five feet

The hike traverses through twists and turns Into a ravine of cool-misted bliss But you’ll miss the beauty, if you don’t look around

All that’s left- a falling chimney and block foundation, so secluded In the middle of nature’s abundance Gone are everything else, including it’s history

Like the mighty trees that surround Surely a legend or three has grown Of who lived here and when?

The chimney is collapsing while the foundation lays strong Like the difference between my own convictions and my feet that find the solid ground every morning.

A new one has taken residence As will happen to my own possessions When my time has come, and I am laid to waste.

And it reminds me That in this game of life Nature always overtakes.

- CH 2019

#explore #madeintn #nature

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