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God Does Speak

God speaks to me in the morning Through silence and bird songs Through cricket and frog melodies Just before each dawn

God speaks to me throughout the day During work, through a patient’s hand Through incredible views from high above As I fly across this land

God speaks to me in the night When all things are settling down Through laughs and cries and sunset skies Where intimacies abound

Some say that God no longer speaks That God no longer can be found It can be hard to hear amongst the fear But He is speaking, just listen for His sound

It sounds like the earth in glory It sounds like a summer rain It sounds like the laugh of a child Like a loved one when they’re in pain

For the God I know cannot be silenced He sings constantly o’er us all He’s found within our daily lives Through Winter, Spring, and Fall

But in the long summertime Between the good times and the heat That is when I hear Him singing most Along the flowers which smell so sweet. -CH2019

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